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Welcome to Pirates without Borders
Pirates Without Borders serves as the basis for international community projects beyond the founding members states. Like the Pirate movement the organization shall sail the seven seas and inspire the cooperation and communication of Pirates worldwide.

The goals of Pirates without Borders match with the international Pirate movement. These include in particular promotion of free knowledge, free culture, free software, digital sustainability, more free citizens and the freedom of each individual. According to this the main purpose of Pirates without borders is extending the international course of the Pirates, respecting one another and friendship among different people. By the means of international cooperation we reveal the impact of multinational trade agreements on all people on earth in a comprehensive manner. We spotlight the global nature of human rights to foster freedom and democracy all through society.

Unlike the organization "Pirate Parties International (PPI) as an umbrella organization for all Pirate parties, expressly individuals are encouraged to become member of Pirates Without Borders. At Pirates Without Borders friendship among peoples and working in the (international) basis stands in the foreground. A get-together of Pirates from the basis for the basis.
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