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Regular General Assembly 17.03.2012

On Friday, March 16th (the day before) will take place an international election event in Saarbr├╝cken. More Information can be found here.

On Sunday, March 18th (the next day) an extraordinary federal assembly of the Pirate Party Luxembourg will take place on the same location. More information here





14:00 - 18:00


Centre Culturel
Rue de l'Eglise
L-6933 Mensdorf



The minutes can be found here: GA-2012-03-17/Minutes

A video of the assembly is available on youtube.


Organization of travel and accommodation on Pirate Party Luxembourg wiki.

For accomodations: Everything around Luxembourg City is just fine. The location is not far away and public transport is quite convenient.


Piraten-Streaming will provide us with a Stream the whole day for everybody not able to participate on location.


The GA will be lead by a chairman, which is nominated by the board upfront and elected by the GA. If the GA does not comply with the nominated chairman it is free to elect somebody else.

The Assembly Procedure rules apply as defined. They are to be voted on at the beginning of the GA. Also one or more vote counters are elected for the duration of the assembly.


Accreditation for remote voters is open from 12:00 to 14:00 via phone (tango; mobile LU) +352-69-167 62 49 to the board/assembly moderator.


The assembly will start at 14:00, accreditation is possible from 12:00. Please take an official ID with you for accreditation identification.

  1. Welcome words by the board
  2. Vote on assembly chairman
  3. Vote on minute writer, vote counter(s), recording, streaming
  4. Vote on Assembly Procedure
  5. Vote on Agenda
  6. Vote on minutes of the last General Assembly
  7. Reports and Discharges
    1. Report of the board
    2. Discharge of the board
    3. Report of Treasurer and GPK
    4. Vote on financial report 2011
    5. Vote on report of GPK and discharge of Treasurer
    6. Vote on budget 2012
  8. Board elections
    1. President
    2. Vice president
    3. Actuary
    4. Technical Admin
    5. Treasurer
  9. Motions to the assembly
    1. tbd
  10. Varia


Propose motions as early as possible

According to our bylaws motions on bylaws and other motions can be proposed until Friday, March 2nd 2012, 14:00 CET to our redmine or handed to the board. Motions have to fulfill formal requirements:

Motion has to contain at least the following:

Name of proposer
if motion on bylaws:
Old and new wording of the text that shall be altered

By fulfilling these formal requirements the preparation of the GA will be much easier for the board. Thank you.



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