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Pirates without borders - board meeting 06.02.2011


Members of the board


Meeting begins: 19:13
Meeting chairman: Georg
Secretary: Georg
Meeting ends: 19:55
Duration: 0h42m

Minutes of the last Meetings

The meeting minutes can be found on our Wiki:

Minutes 22.09.2010


  • Question: Do we approve these minutes?
    • Yes: Moira, Franziska, Georg
    • No:
    • Abstention:
Decision: accepted

Minutes 26.02.2011


  • Question: Do we approve these minutes?
    • Yes: Moira, Franziska, Georg
    • No:
    • Abstention:
Decision: accepted


Zirkularbeschluss vom 2. März

Im Rahmen der PPI-Konferenz vom 12.-13. März in Friedrichshafen, Deutschland, wird Piraten ohne Grenzen am Samstag, den 12. März 2011 ab 20:00 Uhr Gastgeber des Abend-Events sein.
Geplant ist  ein gemeinsames Abendessen im Restaurant Seehof, die vorgeschlagene Menüfolge ist:
* Gartenfrischer Blattsalat
* Schweinelendchen auf Pilzragout mit Spätzle vom Brett und Gemüse
* Zanderfilet in Mandelbutter gebraten mit Petersilienkartoffeln und Gemüse
* Gemüsevariation
 jeweils mit Beilagen
* Beerengrütze mit Vanilleeis und Bayrischcreme
Preis: 21,50 EUR
Abstimmungsfrage: Wollen wir dieses Event so durchführen?
JA: Georg, Florian, Moira, Pascal, Franziska


Flyer English

proposed by Moira/Georg

It would be nice to have English flyers for the PPI conference. We will discuss the details of layout and text at 8pm this evening in the weekly telco.

Here you can find the proposal for the text:, the layout proposal was sent to you by mail.

Costs: To be sure that we have the flyers ready for the PPI-Conference, we have to order them via overnight print at This will cost us 58.30€ incl. shipping.

Florian has agreed to order them for us and bring the flyers to Friedrichshafen.


  • Georg: IMHO we can spend money on that cause. Seems to make sense.
  • Moira: We can do it wihtout any problems, I think.
  • Franziska: I think it is not too expensive.


  • Question: Do we order 1000 flyers after consultation with the member telephone conference?
    • Yes: Moira, Franziska, Georg
    • No:
    • Abstention:
Decision: accepted

Business cards for board members

The newly elected board members Franziska and Florian should also have business cards. They acknowledged this via mail. Should the association take the expenses for printing?


  • Franziska: I can pay it myself.
  • Georg: I think the association can pay for this as I think it did so for the other business cards.
  • Moira: Last time Rodrigo paid for the business cards... I would not see a problem with the association paying.
  • Franziska: Should every board member get paid cards? Let's say every two years or so.
  • Moira: Sounds a good idea. 250 cards per term and more if needed.
  • Franziska: Giving away cards is a good thing anyway.


  • Question: Should the association pay for business cards of the board members after consulting the accountant?
    • Yes: Moira, Franziska, Georg
    • No:
    • Abstention:
Decision: accepted
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