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Duties and activities

The board leads the association. It's in charge of the finances, responsible for provisioning of the infrastructure for projects and the fruition of orders of the general assembly.

Furthermore the board fulfills certain tasks as specified in the statement of duties.

The board accepts responsibility for issues that are not specified in the statutes nor the statement of duties of any association organ.


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Meeting Minutes

  1. 03.03.2010
  2. 03.04.2010
  3. 02.05.2010
  4. 17.06.2010
  5. 22.09.2010
  6. 27.02.2011
  7. 06.03.2011
  8. 22.04.2011
  9. 03.05.2011
  10. 29.06.2011
  11. 06.07.2011

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